Specialists in branded non-fiction

This category includes works by major institutions (Mayo Clinic), high profile individuals (Bill Bradley, Paul Krugman) and “line” leaders in their field (Janson’s History of Art and Roger Tory Peterson’s Field Guides).

Our clients’ objectives over ours

Many of our clients have broader objectives when it comes to their work such as brand projection, enhanced credibility for a sponsoring organization or making a difference in society. Together we work to achieve your goals.

Long lasting relationships

In an industry where clients are constantly changing publishers, all our clients tend to establish relationships with one publisher, sometimes lasting decades.

“Non-traditional” experts

We specialize in significant communication tools like special sales and electronic rights-all of which are important to our clients.

Untangling difficult situations

By successfully unifying the rights and aligning the interested parties, we have been able to increase publishing value by orders of magnitude in complex situations.

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