Senator Daniel P. Moynihan

First client represented by Arthur Klebanoff in 1973, a relationship which continued for 25 years and many books.


Sidney Sheldon

In 1979, Arthur Klebanoff helped to negotiate the first $10 million advance three-book package.


Barbara Taylor Bradford

In 1982, Arthur helped to negotiate a $4.5 million advance three-book package which vaulted the international bestselling author of A Woman of Substance into the first rank of saga romance writers.


Linda Goodman

In 1977,Arthur sold Love Signs to Harper & Row, which auctioned the paperback rights to Fawcett. The agency still represents Goodman with Love Signs as a valuable catalog in astrology.


Sheila Lukins

Since 1983, Arthur represented Lukins for 7 bestselling cookbooks and 20-plus years of food columns in Parade Magazine. The agency still represents the estate with over 1,000 recipes available for licensing.


Vatican Library

In the 80s,Arthur represented the Vatican Library for many licenses including the Today Show at the Vatican, and a newspaper column by the Pope with the syndication arm of NewsCorp.


Richard Nixon

In 1989, when the Nixon Library and Birthplace was about to open, Arthur negotiated the advance for his post presidential memoir plus commitments to reissue the Library’s editions of all prior books.


H. R. Haldeman

Richard Nixon’s Chief of Staff kept a diary in the White House years, which never surfaced during the Watergate hearings. It was after Haldeman’s death, the diary became a major bestseller.


Hertz Corporation

In 1993, Hertz celebrated its 75th anniversary with a packaged lavishly illustrated book which won a range of awards.


The Stud

Scott Meredith sold The Stud, Jackie Collins’ first book, in the U.S. Decades later, Arthur Klebanoff re-sold the rights to Pocket Books to be reunited with the entire Jackie Collins line.


Roots by Alex Haley

After being in the mass market for 25 years,Roots was fading out. A paperback edition coordinated with Warner Brothers’ release of the revolutionary television miniseries changed all of that.

And from the Founder Scott Meredith’s Backlist


The Senator

This muckraking novel helped to invent the ‘roman a clef’ as the reader guesses which fictional character is based on which real figure.


Executioner’s Song

Mailer was Scott Meredith’s preeminent client. Meredith opened translation markets for a wide range of major American writers with path-breaking deals for Norman Mailer.


The Blackboard Jungle

Scott Meredith first sold The Blackboard Jungle for Evan Hunter (the other writing name for Ed McBain) and later sold the initial titles in this major detective series.


A Space Odyssey

Scott Meredith guided the career of Arthur C. Clarke for many decades. No single writer has had a greater impact on science fiction writing.



The 13 part PBS show of the same name was one of the most watched PBS shows ever. Carl Sagan helped popularize the study of science and astronomy.


The Mists of Avalon

Legendary fantasy and science fiction writer, Marion Zimmer Bradley tells the story of King Arthur in The Mists of Avalon, also the basis for the TNT miniseries.



Psycho captivated a nation when it appeared in 1959 – a classic inspired by the real-life story of Ed Gein, a psychotic murderer who led a dual life.


West Side Story

Just like Romeo and Juliet, this novelization was one of the first combinations of stage, screen, and (later) book.


Femme Fatales Series

Gypsy Rose Lee became the most famous burlesque actor and striptease artist, renowned for her witty repartee. This series was among the first to marry celebrity with the mystery form.


Eleanor Roosevelt Mystery Series

Elliott Roosevelt, the son of FDR and Eleanor, is the author of this elegant but cozy historical mystery series starring his parents.


Capital Crimes Novels

President Harry Truman’s daughter became the most successful example of a celebrity murder mystery series.

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