Easton Press

IIn 1984, Arthur Klebanoff arranged the licenses for a 40-volume biography set of U.S. Presidents with signed memoir editions by Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon. First of 3,000 leather-bound licenses arranged for Easton Press over the next 28 years.


Roger Tory Peterson

In 1984, the 50th anniversary of the Eastern Guide to the Birds Arthur Klebanoff persuaded Easton Press to issue a 40-volume leather-bound series of the Peterson Field Guides, which sold over one million copies at $40 per volume. The agency went on to represent all aspects of publishing and licensing.


Mayo Clinic

Since 1990, Arthur Klebanoff has advised Mayo Clinic on its wide-ranging consumer health publishing program and more recently on its eBook strategy and 30-title trade book program.


Michael Bloomberg

In 1994, the challenge was to publish a worldwide book which would project the growing worldwide Bloomberg brand. In 2008, the question was whether a second book could share the combination of experiences from private and public life. It was set aside in favor of a third term as Mayor of New York.


Bill Bradley

In 1996, Bill Bradley had a manuscript ready about his Senate years and a plan to run for President in 2000. He needed an agent who could get large commitments out of a publisher without a dollar advance. Bradley has since published three bestsellers and became the first outside investor in RosettaBooks.


Janson’s History of Art

It took six years starting in 2000 to put the licensing arrangements in place that provided the Janson family with long-term protection for this 1959 program:a leader in history of art with over 4 million copies sold.


Michel Thomas Language Program

In 2005, the challenge was how to preserve and expand one of the most popular audio language teaching series after the founder’s death. The program has never been larger and is growing worldwide both in audio and digital downloads worldwide.


Paul Krugman

In 2006, Arthur Klebanoff started representing Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman to help his trade book publishing reach a new international impact.


J. D. Salinger Trust

Advisor to the J. D. Salinger Trust during a process which led to the August 2019 release of J. D. Salinger’s published work in eBook editions.

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