Arthur Klebanoff: President

Arthur Klebanoff became the owner and president of the Scott Meredith Literary Agency in 1993. Arthur is a leading literary agent and an influential presence in the publishing industry since the 1970s. He has represented books that have grossed more than $1 billion in retail sales. Arthur is the author of The Agent: Personalities, Politics and Publishing (2002). As founder and CEO of RosettaBooks, the leading independent eBook publisher, Arthur built an 800+ eBook catalog of preeminent fiction and nonfiction backlist books. RosettaBooks publishes eBook lines by Edward Abbey, Winston Churchill, Arthur C. Clarke, Robertson Davies, D. H. Lawrence, Mayo Clinic and William L. Shirer. RosettaBooks also publishes prominent nonfiction front list print distributed by Simon & Schuster.

A graduate of Harvard Law School (Law Review, 1972) and Yale University, Arthur Klebanoff is an advisor to Youth Communication in New York City.

Mary Jo Anne Valko Warner:
Rights Manager
Mary Jo Anne Valko Warner has worked with Arthur Klebanoff since 1978. Mary Jo handles the negotiation and contracting for the 3,000+ titles in the Easton Press program and is one of the senior rights buyers in the trade publishing industry.
Maxine Schweitzer:
VP, Finance

Maxine Schweitzer has handled Finance for The Scott Meredith Literary Agency for more than 15 years. Schweitzer has a BA from New York University and an MS from Simmons College.

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